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Adoption Application

Please Note – while we appreciate receiving rescue applications from all over, Good Karma is a local puppy rescue and we will only adopt puppies to individuals that are within an hour radius of the Detroit metro area. For older dogs, or dogs with special needs, we welcome applicants from any area.

Good Karma strives to place our rescue animals in homes best suited to the animal’s temperament, age and other requirements. Our application process is very thorough and we often ask how often someone is at home, the length of time the puppy will be alone, etc. Our criteria for adoption is very stringent, our intent is not to offend with this criteria. Our only goal continues to be placing our puppies in the best forever homes possible.

We require you to submit an application prior to the event, in order to ensure enough time to review your application.

Please click here to download the adoption application. Once completed, save the application and email it to

OR fill out the application below and submit

Today's Date:
Animal you are interested in:
Reason for Adopting:
Maiden Name (if applicable):
Spouse's Name (leave empty if N/A):
Are you over 21?
Date of Birth:*
Have you adopted from another rescue?
Were you turned out to adopt from another rescue or organization?
If yes, which one?
If yes, the reason given:
Please provide the name, address and phone number of at least two (2) references of individuals not related to you or living in your home:
Employment Info

Employer City/State:
Employer Phone:
Spouse's Employer:
Spouse's Employer City/State:
Spouse's Employer Phone:
Home Environment

We want to make sure that the dog you’re interested in is a good fit for your home environment. Some dogs thrive in a high-energy home, while others need something a bit more quiet. Some dogs need a large, fenced yard, while others would do great with just a few short walks.

Are the other members of your family in agreement with the adoption?
How many children are living in the home? (leave empty for None)
What are their ages?
Do you work outside the home?*
If yes, how many hours?
Will there be an adult over 21 in the home for a majority of the time?
How many hours a day will someone be home with the new animal?*
How many hours a day will the new animal be left alone?*
Please elaborate on your home and work situation in regards to who will be home to take care of the puppy (both in the beginning and throughout the time you have the animal) as well as hours the puppy may be left alone:*
What type of dwelling?
Do you rent or own?
If renting, landlord's name and telephone number:
What are the pet policies? Does your landlord allow pets?
Please elaborate on the where the animal will be housed (inside or yard) and whether you have a fenced yard
Have you ever owned this type of animal before?
If you have an animal in your home now, have you ever introduced it to a new animal? If yes, how did your current animal react?
How many pets have you owned in the last five (5) years, including your current pet(s)?

Please note: all animals listed, both past & present, must be or have been up-to-date on vaccines. If you have indoor cats they must be fully vaccinated as well.

All approved applicants are subject to a home check as well.

Pet's Name:
Current on Shots?
On Heartworm Prevention?
What happened to this animal?
Please list any other animals (past or present) that have been in your home, their shot status, and what became of them:
Veterinary Care
Can you afford to have the animal spayed/neutered and provide regular veterinary care?
Who is your regular/previous veterinarian or which vet will you be using?
City/State of current/previous veterinarian or intended veterinarian:
Phone number of past/present or intended veterinarian:
Adoption Agreement - please read each item and type Yes in the box
I understand that I am to notify Good Karma Puppy Rescue immediately if the situation should arise in which I can no longer keep the adopted animal or if it appears the animal has been lost or stolen.*
I understand that I must house and show the animal until re-adopted through Good Karma Puppy Rescue in the event that the adoption fails:*
I agree to the following: All statements made on this application are truthful; I have made no false statement with regard to family members in household, references provided not being family members, status of my home ownership and any other statements made on this application:*
I understand that breeds of the puppies is a best guess between our volunteers and vets. While every effort is made to best identify the breed, I understand that the breeds are not guaranteed*
I understand that Good Karma reserves the right to perform home checks and that if it is deemed that the animal I've adopted is not being cared for in the manner set forth, that Good Karma may remove the animal and rescind the adoption agreement:*
By typing your name, you agree to all information provided in this application and consent to Good Karma verifying this information:*

NOTE: Good Karma will only adopt young puppies to those within a one-hour radius of the Detroit-metro area. For adult dogs and dogs with special needs, we welcome applicants from any areas