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Featured Animals

Thank you to everyone who donates to Good Karma. From supplies to monetary donations to adoption fees, these donations go to the ongoing care of all the wonderful puppies we are able to help. While the focus is on the happy and healthy puppies that Good Karma finds homes for, there is another side to organization of ongoing care of dogs and puppies that need assistance.

Good Karma is devoted to assisting the people of the rural Appalachian regions to provide care for abandoned animals, injured animals or families that cannot afford care for their animals. With the non-existent spay/neuter laws, the shelters are overrun, and our work there has greatly enhanced the lives of many animals, as well as brought wonderful adopters together with these special animals.

Some examples of what Good Karma has done:

  • Fixing dogs for families unable to afford it. This assists in managing the overrun population of animals abandoned each day
  • One family had a dog that had been shot. They were unable to afford the veterinary bills. Good Karma paid every penny of the cost to save this dog, who is now happy and healthy
  • Another family had a dog that developed a tumor growing so rapidly, the dog could barely walk. Good Karma paid for the medical care, which included surgery to remove the tumor. The dog is now happy and healthy

Below are just a few highlighted stories of your donations at work and puppies that will soon need forever loving homes with amazing families willing to give these special needs dogs a chance to show what wonderful family members they can be! If any of these puppies interest you, please contact us for more information.

Individuals took a litter to a kill shelter claiming that they were 6 weeks old. They were actually 3 weeks old with no teeth and covered in fleas. The mom was severely malnourished. We were able to rescue them all and allow the puppies to continue nursing and get them all ongoing help, including eventually getting the mother fixed.

A sweet girl was brought into the shelter by a good Samaritan who found her wandering the street. Her throat had been slit and she had multiple stab wounds, but despite that, she was a wonderful dog who was very sweet.

Good Karma is paying all of the veterinarian bills for the surgery she needed initially to repair her neck and wounds, as well as for her ongoing care. This is an excellent example of your donations and adoption fees at work. Our wonderful fosters are committed to her care, and she will soon be ready for her forever home


This sweet girl has fully recovered thanks to the amazing foster caring for her. She is now ready for her forever home, and will be available for adoption on Sunday, July 3rd. If you would like to bring this love into your home, please contact us!

Puppies were brought into the shelter nearly bald from severe mange, as well as with chemical burns from motor oil that had been rubbed onto their skin. They were frightened and in pain.

Good Karma is paying for their care, which includes treatment of their mange and the chemical burns. Our wonderful fosters are giving them plenty of love and attention until their treatment is complete and they are healthy. They will soon be ready for their forever home!

One puppy’s mange is so bad, as evidenced by his paw, that it may need to be amputated if vets are unable to restore healthy blood flow to it.

UPDATE: Thanks to Good Karma’s ongoing assistance, the puppies are healing and doing well! Thanks to your donations and adoption fees, we are able to give these wonderful puppies the treatment they need!

One puppy was hit by a car and left for dead. With a broken pelvis, this sweetie needed surgery in order to be able to walk again. Good Karma paid all the veterinary bills for the surgery and care, and this puppy has a second chance at a great life!

One dog was taken from an elderly gentleman who was ill and no longer had the ability or finances to take care of him. He was diagnosed with heart worm, and Good Karma financed the entire treatment. When he had a negative reaction to the treatment, he almost died. The veterinarian suggested he be euthanized. Our fantastic foster in Kentucky, Marge, refused and said that if he was going to pass, he’d pass in her loving arms. Sadly he passed away. We are so glad, though, that Good Karma was able to help make his last days full of love.