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Fosters are the cornerstone of Good Karma. Without loving fosters, our puppies would not have the opportunity to experience healthy and happy homes and be ready for their forever homes.

If you have some time, and lots of love, Good Karma is always looking for fosters. If you foster for 2-3 weeks or longer, you will be allowed to adopt a puppy at a reduced adoption fee. If you foster two consecutive times, you can adopt a puppy with no adoption fee. The payoff to fostering is lots of puppy love and kisses as well as the joy and satisfaction of seeing your puppies get adopted by wonderful families.

Please note that fostering is not just one dog, it is generally a litter of puppies and can be anywhere from four to eight puppies (or more). However, we will help you every step of the way. Good Karma will provide you will all that you need for fostering, and ongoing support. The process of fostering can be messy, time-consuming and sometimes difficult, but the payoff will be immense. You must be willing to sign the foster contract located at the end of the Foster Information Guide and agreeing the terms and conditions to become a foster.

If fostering interests you, please read the Foster information and guidance document. It contains all the information related to being a foster. If you are interested in fostering, or have any questions, please Email Us